Project Management Training Manual 4.2 - Procedures for Populating Photos to the Website

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Procedures for Populating Photos to Website


    A. Right click on photo.

     B. Open in Microsoft office picture manager.

     C. In tool bar above click on picture, then compress picture.

     D. On the right side of screen, check Web Pages. Then click OK.

     E. Save and Close.


    A. Go to the I-Builder website and enter Login ID and Password. ( *username: pci. *password: pci-1

     B. Click on "File Library view".

     C. Go to New Category on the right side of the screen, and type in the Name of the project you are populating, then click the add button.

     D. Under the project name click the browse button on the top right. Go to Network places, Click on the "Maxtor Workroom" Find the appropriate region, project.

     E. Click on photo you want to add. (add all photos to appropriate categories)


     A. Go to the I-Builder website and enter Login ID and Password: ( *username: pci. *password: pci-1

     B. Click on "Content Editor View"

    C. Click on the appropriate Owner (example: Intermountain Projects).

     D. Then Click the appropriate project.

     E. Go to the right of photos line hover over edit page and click on add paragraph.

    F. Scroll down a little to where you see image and click on library.

    G. Click on the Category drop down box and click appropriate project.

     H. Click on browse on the right side of screen.

     I. Go to Network Places and then to "Maxtor Workroom" click on the most recent report dated.

    J. Click on the region and project you want.

     K. Click on Photos and then the photo you would like to upload.

     L. When upload is complete, click on select this where the picture appears.

     M. It will then take you to the Add content Items page. Put in a title for the picture and click on submit.

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