Project Management Training Manual 4.3 - Procedures for Populating Meeting Minutes to the Website

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Populating Meeting Minutes

  1. Go to the web address:



  1. Click on "content editor view"
  2. Click on "Intermountain Projects"
  3. Click on the region for which the project is under
  4. Click the correct project
  5. Hover over the line item "Narrative & Minutes"

           Go to the right side of the line item

           Hover over the 1st icon

           Go to current set of meeting minutes

           Click icon with a read minus sign / Delete Paragraph

           Click OK

  1. Return to the same project (steps 3 through 5)
  2. Go to "Narrative & Minutes"

           Hover over 1st icon on right

           Then click "Add Paragraph"

  1. Go to the bottom of page

           Line item that says file

           Click on library

  1. Click on the drop down box

           Find and click on project

  1. Click browse button, on top right hand corner of screen
  2. Find the minutes where you saved them
  3. Find set of minutes in the upload box

           Click "Select This" on the correct set of minutes

  1. Copy the file name into "Title" at the bottom and top of the page
  2. Click "submit" and file will then be uploaded to site
Archiving Meeting Minutes
  1. Return to the same project (steps 3 through 5)
  2. Go to "Meeting Minutes Archived".   

            Hover over 1st icon on right side

            Click green plus icon "Add Paragraph"

  1. Click on Library at bottom
  2. Click on drop down box and find the correct project
  3. Click "Select This" on old set of Meeting Minutes
  4. Repeat steps 14 & 15


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