Project Management Training Manual - Table of Contents

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1.    Project Delivery Methods

      1.1.    ProjectManagement – What, Why, How

      1.2.   What is ProjectManagement?

      1.3.   CommentsConcerning Construction Management Process

      1.4.   Article:Choosing the Best Delivery Method for Your Facility Project, by BlakePeck, CCM, McDonough Bolyard Peck, Inc.

      1.5.   Article:Choosing the Best Delivery Method for Your Project, ConstructionManagement Association of America (CMAA),

2.    Project Team Selection

      2.1.  Architect

              2.1.1.    Sample: Request for A/E Qualifications & Proposal (CUC AFCampus)

              2.1.2.   Sample: B151 Owner-Architect Agreement, AIA (CUC-VCBO)

              2.1.3.   B151 Article 12 – Other Conditions and Services, PCI

              2.1.4.   B151 Attachment A – Architectural Design Documents, PCI

      2.2. Construction

             2.2.1.   Sample:Request for CM/GC Proposals (IHC SWR Hospitals & Clinics)

             2.2.2.  Sample:A121 Owner-CM Agreement, AIA (CUC-GP Construction)

             2.2.3.  A121Article 11 – Insurance and Bonds, PCI

      2.3. Lump Sum General Contractor (GC)

            2.3.1.   Sample:Front End Specification, PCI (IHC Saratoga Springs Clinic)

      2.4. Material Testing

     2.5. Equipment Consultant RFP (Sample: OremCommunity LDRP Expansion)

      2.6. Sample Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

3.    Meetings – Agendas & Minutes

       3.1.  Preparation for Project Meetings

       3.2. Meeting Preparation and Meeting Minutes

       3.3. Sample Agendas

             3.3.1.   GC Pre-Bid Meeting (IHC Saratoga SpringsClinic)

             3.3.2.  GC Pre-Award Meeting (IHC Saratoga SpringsClinic)

             3.3.3.  Material Testing Pre-Award Meeting (IHCSaratoga Springs Clinic)

4.    Document Control

      4.1.  Document Management

      4.2. Procedures for Populating Photos to theWebsite

      4.3. Procedures for Populating Meeting Minutes to the Website



1.   Blank



1.   Overview

     1.1.   DesignDefinitions


2.   Schematic Design


3.   Design Development


4.   Construction Documents  



1.   Blank



1.   Cost Controls

     1.1.   Invoice/ Pay Application Review & Approval Process

              1.1.1.   Sample: Interim Lien/Claim Waiver


2.   Quality Controls

     2.1.   SampleRoof Membrane Protection Plan

     2.2.   LessonsLearned


3.   Interim Life Safety Measures (ILSM)

     3.1.   Sample:Spec Section regarding Hospital Project Procedures (HC DRMC POB)

     3.2.   Sample:Spec Section regarding ILSM (IHC DRMC POB)

     3.3.   Sample:Spec Section regarding Barriers and Enclosures (IHC DRMC POB)

     3.4.   Sample:Spec Section regarding Selective Removal (IHC DRMC POB)

     3.5.   JCAHOInterim Life Safety Measures Policy (CHW PDM)


4.   Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA)

     4.1.   Sample:Spec Section regarding Airborne Contaminants Control (IHC DRMC POB)

     4.2.   Sample:Spec Section regarding Cleaning (IHC DRMC POB)

     4.3.   Sample:Spec Section regarding Construction Waste Management (IHC DRMC POB)


5.    Utility Shutdown Procedures

      5.1.   Utilities ShutdownProcess and Utility Outage Request and HVAC Hook-Up Forms (CHW PDM)

      5.2.  Sample: 72-HourUtility or Service Shutdown Planning and Sign-off Form (IHC Dixie CancerCenter)

      5.3.  Sample: Spec Section regarding TemporaryFacilities and Controls (IHC DRMC POB)

      5.4.  Frequently Encountered OSHPD Issues (CHW PDM)



1.   Blank







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