Project Controller's Roles & Responsibilities

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Project Related Processes:

Payment Application / Draw Request Process
a- Part 1: Vendor Invoice Review / Approval Process & Controls; Part 2: Axsys Global Entry
b- Advanced (aka Expedited) Payment Process & Controls
c- Credit Card Process & Controls: (1) Daily Expensify Tracking; (2) Export from Expensify
d- Deliverable: Draw Request - Overall Process: Part 1 and Part 2
e- Part 1: Subcontractor/Supplier Payments; Part 2: Axsys Global Entry

Create New Authorization in Axsys Global (*New)
a- Master Subcontractor Agreement
b- Subcontractor Work Order
c- Standard Subcontractor Agreement
d- Material Purchase Order (PO)
e- W2 and Insurance Documents

Enter an Expense in Axsys Global

Enter a Payment in Axsys Global

Create a Change Order to an Authorization

Create a Set Aside as an Authorization

Replacing a Set Aside with a typical Authorization

File Right to Lien Notices (all business units)

File Notice of Completion

Expense Reconciliation - Manual Process: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 (Part 4 Addendum)

Record a Macro in Word to format the B/A [Text] Report

Record a Macro to fix the 99.0000000000% in the Text File

Create New Project in Axsys Global

Create New User in Axsys Global and Update/Change Password

Create New Unit in Axsys Global

Company Related Processes:

Invoices & Accounts Receivable

Invoices & Accounts Payable

Estimating / Bidding

Status Reports & Strategy Meetings

Lessons Learned:

  1. Transfer Mistake
  2. Non-Zero Balance in "Parent" Accounts
  3. Error When Creating the Top Level Sub Accounts
  4. Don't Delete Billable Items after Invoices/Expenses have been Added (unless you wanna re-enter all those expenses)
  5. How to fix a change order when the wrong amount was entered
  6. Error in Transfer Table When Deleting a Billable Item
  7. Coordination between PM/PE and Controller

Other Processes:

QBO Chart of Accounts - Job Costs (COGS) vs. G&A Overhead

Expensify - QBO Chart of Accounts, Daily Expense Tracking, Weekly Reporting, Report Review & Approval, QBO Accounting


Shared Mailboxes:

Shared Calendars

See Also: Terminology, Phone Lines, Administrative Assistant's Roles & Responsibilities, Creative Lead's Roles & Responsibilities, Book List

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