Available Funds - Funds within the project that have not been committed or Set Aside for a future commitment.

Authorizations - An Authorization (Auth) is a commitment of some sort, preferably a contract or work order but it could be a Set Aside or informal commitment to a vendor to provide goods and/or services.

Changes (aka Change Orders) -

Expense - Any transaction that is a cost to the project. Examples of this would include a vendor's invoice, a credit card expense, or payment made directly to a vendor without an invoice (for example, a payment to a LAHJ)

G702 - AIA Payment Application (aka Pay App) -

G703 - AIA Continuation Sheet (aka SOV) -

Invoice -

Lien Waiver (Release) -

LAHJ - Local Authority Having Jurisdiction - Examples include a city, county, state fire marshall, state health department

Master Agreement -

Payment -

QA/QC - Quality Assurance / Quality Control - Measures put in place to assure and control the quality of a product (aka deliverable) or service

Reconciliation, Authorizations -

Reconciliation, Expenses -

Retention -

Set Aside -

SOV - Schedule of Values -

Sub Accounts -

Transfer -

Uncommitted Line Item(s) - When Sub Accounts are created in Axsys Global, the Available Funds within that Sub Account is shown on the B/A [Text] Report as "Sub Account Name, Uncommitted".

Vendor -

Work Order -

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